Industry Article: Intelligent Wells: It’s Not All or Nothing

Intelligent Wells:  It’s Not All or Nothing
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 01/01/2011

State-of-the-art completions technology has pushed the industry into an arena once deemed unreachable. Among today’s cutting-edge technologies are advanced intelligent completion components, such as downhole pressure and temperature gauges and meters for retrieving data, and remote flow control valves that can manipulate the flow of hydrocarbons and manage water. Along with these advances are efforts that address cost, technical limitations, and delivery times―issues that have discouraged many companies from installing intelligent well systems. For example, the Schlumberger Intellitite downhole dual-seal dry-mate connector allows onsite splicing, which lets operators conduct pressure testing while two joints of electrical line are being welded. Schlumberger is also looking into technologies that will enhance reliability by reducing the number of hydraulic and electrical connections done at the wellsite.

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Intellitite Downhole Dual-Seal Dry-Mate Connector

This premium connector maximizes monitoring system reliability throughout the life of a well, even in the harshest conditions. Download product sheet (0.05 MB PDF)