Industry Article: Rupture Disc Valve Improves Plug-and-Perf Applications

Rupture Disk Valve Improves Plug-and-Perf Applications
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 10/01/2012

Plug-and-perf completions have proved to be the most flexible multistage well completion schemes. The main reason is that each stage can be perforated and treated optimally because options can be exercised right up to the moment the perforating gun is fired. A new technique, using the KickStart pressure activated rupture disc valve, adds significant operating efficiency and lowers the cost of cemented, multistage fracturing by eliminating the initial perforation run. In the Eagle Ford shale in south Texas, Cabot Oil & Gas has pioneered the use of the KickStart valve, resulting in improved logistics and economics of well completions. By using the Kickstart valve Cabot Oil & Gas was able to eliminate coiled tubing intervention to perforate the first stages of the wells, streamlining the completion process and reducing cost by more than USD 100,000 per well.

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Rupture Disk Valve Improves Plug-and-Perf Applications
The KickStart valve, designed for fracture initiation without intervention, provides an alternative to coiled tubing perforating. Its helical exit ports reduce fracture initiation pressure and provide 360┬░ coverage.
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