Industry Article: Field Redevelopment Accomplished using Advanced RSS

Rotary steerable and geosteering technologies enable rapid field redevelopment

Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 05/01/2009

Dumbarton Field, operated by Maersk Oil, UK, is located in UK North Sea Block 15/20. During its life, the field presented numerous drilling challenges, which hampered its development. These include formation instability, directional drilling control issues and thin, complex reservoirs that were poorly imaged by seismic. Drilling is further complicated by transition drilling—alternating zones of fast drilling separated by slow-drilling, hard, abrasive stringers. The field pore pressure gradient is 9.07 ppg equivalent mud weight; but to maintain wellbore stability, mud weights up to 11.6 ppg are required. Because of these and other challenges, traditional mud-motor directional drilling has been sub-optimal.

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