Industry Article: Minimizing Uncertainty: Geosteering Advances Keep Wellbores in Sweet Spot

Minimizing uncertainty: Geosteering advances keep wellbores in sweet spot
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 03/01/2011

The PeriScope real-time bed boundary mapping, deep-reading, proactive geosteering technology developed in 2005, has been deployed in oilfields worldwide to address conductivity contrast between bed boundaries in very thin reservoirs or reservoirs with a thin pay zone, and where the geology is complicated. The PeriScope service proved valuable in placing two horizontal re-entry wells in target sands in Bohai Bay, China, where water had encroached and oil production had declined. The mature field was challenging due to uncertainty about the thickness of overlying shale, inconsistent markers and sedimentary facies with significant lateral changes. The re-entry wells were landed and geosteered successfully, resulting in a 50 % increase in oil production.

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