Industry Article: Pad Design Key for Marcellus Drilling

Pad Design Key for Marcellus Drilling
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 04/01/2011

To fully maximize the potential of the well site foot print, a proactive approach was used to design the pad for a multi-well drilling program of seven pairs of wells that target the Marcellus as well as other formations. Pennsylvania General Energy recognized that developing a proper pad design would minimize the risks of well collision. Pennsylvania General Energy and Schlumberger collaborated on the pad design to ensure that the well and financial objectives were met. The proposed pad design included a detailed surveying program to prevent well collision. The operator reviewed and agreed to the design at each stage, and both parties agreed to use a new anti-collision risk management standard for well placement.

Download: Pad Design Key for Marcellus Drilling (0.69 MB PDF)

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