Industry Article: Factory Drilling Approach Seeks to Guarantee Optimum Outcome, Each and Every Time

Factory Drilling approach seeks to guarantee optimum outcome, each and every time
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 11/01/2011

In today’s world of complicated and deviated wells, technology has gone a long way toward improving drilling optimization. Alongside the newest tools and methods, communication, coordination, alignment and consistency are important building blocks to achieving optimum rates of penetration (ROP). Schlumberger recently presented a new way of thinking about drilling optimization at the Advanced Rig Technology Conference & Exhibition in Houston. The "Factory Drilling" approach for field development is a Schlumberger initiative that integrates the rig, well-site technology and a 24/7 remote operations monitoring center staffed by engineers using real-time data. The process brings to the oil and gas drilling industry the kind of factory, or automated, approach that has worked for decades in the automotive and aviation industries.

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