Industry Article: Factory Drilling Boosts ROP with Automation

4 drilling cells handled operations of 12 rigs on multiple directional wells onshore Mexico

‘Factor drilling’ boosts ROP with automation
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 11/01/2011

Recent developments in drilling automation processes and software systems have enabled dramatic improvements in rate of penetration (ROP). These systems have been used to optimize performance in the Chicontepec field development project onshore Mexico. Rig operations are being controlled from a facility in the nearby city of Poza Rica using a "factory drilling" concept that reduces the number of staff required on the rig and optimizes the benefits of available expertise. Field tests and commercial applications show that automated interpretation of drilling mechanics data can be used to control drilling parameters and improve performance. Automation will not replace drillers, but should help them by performing the more mundane and repetitive tasks so that drillers can concentrate on the safety of the rig crew and the safe construction of the wellbore.

Download: Factory Drilling Boosts ROP with Automation (0.78 MB PDF)

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