Industry Article: Integrated Solutions in a Complex World

Integrated solutions in a complex world
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 01/01/2012

The Schlumberger Drilling Group president was recently interviewed by Drilling Contractor magazine for their annual critical issues in drilling and completions feature. The Drilling Group president discussed many key topics including why the group was created and the company's value proposition. Just over a year ago, the Schlumberger Drilling Group was put together to focus on our customers’ main business, which is finding and developing hydrocarbons. The Schlumberger company value proposition is lowering the finding and development costs per barrel, and this is being done through three focus areas. First is improvement in drilling efficiency, which is reducing flat time and improving footage per day. Second is the positioning of the wellbore, well placement and the description of the reservoir. The third leg is wellbore assurance, which is all about delivering a wellbore into which you can run and install a completion on the first try. It is about the integrity of the wellbore and guaranteed access to the reservoir. Everything that we do in the group is targeting these three areas.

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