Industry Article: Drilling Reaches Greater Efficiency with Real-Time Data

Drilling Reaches Greater Efficiency with Real-time Data
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 01/01/2012

Operators are faced with a number of industry challenges that often impact drilling success and overall system cost. Schlumberger has invested heavily to develop real-time capabilities, primarily for providing performance assurance during wellsite operations. Significantly reduced downtime, improved efficiency, and new levels of consistency in field operations are the result of the implementation of real-time operation support centers (OSC) across the globe. The company is placing emphasis on using real-time capabilities to enhance overall value derived from services. Recognizing operators might not have the resources to perform detailed drilling panning and real-time drilling data analysis in a consistent and high-value, Schlumberger is using its well construction domain expertise to assist in the real-time “heavy lifting” for customers. Integrated within a mature performance assurance infrastructure, domain expertise from across all the drilling spectrum is gathered to create a premier drilling technical community.

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