Industry Article: Real-Time Mapping Keeps Well in Reservoir

LWD data drives proactive geosteering for horizontal production well offshore Brazil

Real-time Mapping Keeps Well in Reservoir
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 03/30/2012

An operator planned to drill a horizontal production well in a field offshore Brazil where surface seismic reflection data indicated the target sand reservoirs to be highly faulted, and experience from previous wells indicated a high level of uncertainty in the geological structural model. During the first attempt, the well encountered an unexpected thick shale sequence and was abandoned after being used for field appraisal. Subsequently, the combination of PeriScope bed boundary mapper technology and proactive steering decisions enabled successful drilling of a sidetrack horizontal production well. Combined with precise projections, drilling expertise and proven well-placement methodologies, the proactive realtime approach avoided a second well abandonment and sidetrack, therefore saving significant rig time and cost in tough drilling and reservoir conditions. The operation met the key objectives of keeping the well inside the reservoir after its first entrance from the base and achieving a net pay zone of more than 790 ft (240 meters) in the upper sand lobe.

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