Industry Article: Resistivity and Imaging While Drilling

Resistivity and Imaging While Drilling
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 03/01/2012

MicroScope resistivity- and imaging-while-drilling service provides high-resolution laterolog resistivity and electrical images around the borehole in conductive-mud environments. The new 4 3/4-in. logging-while-drilling tool, used in 5 7/8- to 6 1/2-in. hole sizes, measures azimuthally focused laterolog resistivity and images at multiple depths of investigation. The high-resolution resistivity measurements help to identify bypassed-pay zones and develop better reservoir estimates. It is particularly suitable for formation evaluation in high-angle and horizontal wells. The high-resolution images are provided in real time and in recorded mode, enabling optimal placement of horizontal wells and identification of fractures and faults for completion-design optimization.

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