Industry Article: RSS Continue to Impact the Industry

Advances in rotary steerable systems are facilitating the industry’s ability to drill increasingly complex well designs

RSS Continue to Impact the Industry
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 04/01/2012


A high build-rate rotary steerable system is versatile enough to kick off from vertical deeper in the well bore, drill a highangle curve, and land in the horizontal lateral section several hundred feet earlier than conventional rotary steerable systems (RSS) or positive displacement motors. High-angle RSS seem to be marketed mainly on this basis as operators working shale plays in North America are almost exclusively drilling horizontal wells to tap shale resources. The Schlumberger Power Drive Archer RSS launched in March 2011 is a true hybrid of push-the-bit and point-the-bit RSS. The Power Drive Archer system has demonstrated good reliability in field tests and in commercial applications in the Middle East and North America.

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