Industry Article: Sourceless Formation Evaluation Reduces HSE Risks

Avoiding chemical sources saves time and money logging a directional well in Egypt

Sourceless formation evaluation reduces HSE risks
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 12/01/2012

Recent developments using pulsed neutron generator technology have minimized human exposure to radioactive materials by eliminating the need for cesium sources. The NeoScope service is the industry’s only sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling solution to provide the radioisotope-free bulk density measurement—or sourceless neutron-gamma density—in the suite of LWD measurements. Its combination of safety interlocks prevents accidental operation at the rig floor and ensures zero emission if the tool has to be abandoned downhole. In the West Kanayes concession in Egypt, the sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling service saved Apache Corporation seven days of rig time. Because NeoScope LWD service could be mobilized to the wellsite faster than a chemical nuclear source, Apache was able to obtain high-quality data and detailed formation evaluation across the full openhole section despite poor borehole conditions.

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