Industry Article: QC Advances Increase Confidence in LWD Sonic Measurements

A new standard in quality control for LWD data has emerged

QC Advances Increase Confidence in LWD Sonic Measurements
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 01/01/2013

The recent increase in drilling in challenging environments around the world has meant that the effective control and minimization of wellbore stability and pore-pressure related events, and their associated non-productive time (NPT), is critical to success. In addition, potential safety concerns associated with an unstable wellbore are well-known. Acoustics measurements are key, both to reliable pore-pressure prediction and to wellbore stability management. Increasingly, real-time logging-while-drilling (LWD) acoustics measurements are being used for these applications. Real-time measurements are input into effective-stress models and are commonly used to map pressure trends and confirm modeled responses. Rigorous quality controls are essential to confirm the accuracy of these difficult, easily misinterpreted measurements. This real-time need has resulted in a rapid expansion of frequency, use and types of measurements available with LWD acoustic tools.

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