Industry Article: Imaging Services Enhance Fracture Knowledge

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Imaging Services Enhance Fracture Knowledge
Publication: World Oil Show Daily
Publication Date: 03/26/2013

Resistivity measurements can be influenced by shoulder bed and anisotropy effects, making formation evaluation difficult in horizontal wells. To address this challenge, the Schlumberger MicroScope resistivity-and imaging-while-drilling service provides high-resolution electrical images and laterolog resistivity measurements in conductive mud environments for advanced formation evaluation.

In China’s Sichuan Basin, the logging-while-drilling service enabled PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Company to stay 91% to 100% within the target zone in both a dolomite gas and limestone reservoir. The operator used high-resolution resistivity images to identify reservoir features, including stratigraphic thickness and local structural dip undulations, while placing horizontal wellbores in one run.

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