Industry Article: Logging Data Linked in Real Time Mitigate Drilling Complications

Neural networking applied to enable operator to evaluate complex carbonates in Campos Basin offshore Brazil

Logging data linked in real time mitigate drilling complications
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 03/01/2013

The Brazilian petroleum industry has entered a new era of success exploiting shallow-water oil reserves in the Campos Basin, utilizing methods enhanced by advanced software and buttressed by a likely world-first application of neural networking to mitigate drilling complications. The combination of technology innovation and groundbreaking methodology has enabled the industry evaluate complex carbonates and achieve higher-than-expected net pays in the Quissamá Member of the Macaé Formation. Following a pilot well, the first completed horizontal well resulted in an estimated maximum achievable flow rate of 40,000 bbl/day of oil without movable water. Net pay was 80%, exceeding the initial goal of 65%. Operator OGX Petroleo e Gas faced the task of identifying target zones in the Albian carbonate reservoir. The complex reservoir consists a lower half dolomitized with metric thickness shoaling upward cycles from matrix to grain-supported rocks. The upper segment includes mostly beds of grain-supported limestone with secondary silicislastic richer beds.

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