Industry Article: New Downhole Components Meet Needs for Extreme High Temperatures

Electronic components that can operate with greater life expectancy in 200°C environments were developed using ceramic electronics technology

New Downhole Components Meet Needs for Extreme High Temperatures
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 09/02/2013

As operators push into deeper, harsher, and more complex reservoirs to produce oil and gas, temperatures are rising, so much so that HT environments are impacting the ability of directional drilling and logging tools to provide downhole data to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient drilling. To take industry to the next level, new-generation downhole tools are designed to function reliably in extreme HT environments. As drilling has become more challenging, companies have come to rely on sophisticated logging-while-drilling and directional drilling tools that continuously measure and transmit critical information from downhole to the surface in real time while steering the well to the desired target reservoir. Today the components—electronics, sensors, elastomers, and seals—required for these tools typically can withstand temperatures up to 175⁰C (350⁰F), which is important when considering that reliability decreases greatly with temperature increases and exposure time.

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