Industry Article: New MWD, LWD Services Help Drillers Keep Bit in Formation’s Sweet Spot

New MWD, LWD Services Help Drillers Keep Bit in Formation’s Sweet Spot
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 11/01/2013

In the decade since the oil and gas industry combined horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to revolutionize unconventional shale developing in the United States, a number of new technologies to improve the process have emerged, with many tools aimed at boosting hydrocarbon recoveries through better reservoir evaluation and drilling efficiency. These new technologies include an array of measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling services that deliver critical data to place the wellbore, and help drillers steer the reservoir and keep the bit in the sweet spot. An integrated methodology that combines the expertise of multiple petrotechnical disciplines with new-generation technologies is giving companies a better understanding of all phases of horizontal well development, from reservoir evaluation to drilling to production. That course of action aids operators not only in drilling and steering the well effectively, but also in placing fracture stages more accurately to maximize the completion design.

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