Industry Article: Mapping While Drilling
Goes Live

Mapping While Drilling Goes Live
Publication: Offshore Engineer
Publication Date: 10/01/2014


Well placement has always been a challenge in drilling operations. The new GeoSphere service allows a step change in drilling capability by allowing drillers to probe five to ten times deeper into a reservoir. Breakthroughs in technological development allow a depth of investigation up to 100 ft from the wellbore, The GeoSphere service can reduce drilling risks and assist in accurately landing wells. 

Claudio Paschoa of Offshore Engineer interviews Jean Seydoux, well placement and reservoir positioning program manager for Drilling & Measurement, Schlumberger. Seydoux discusses the development of the GeoSphere service and its application in offshore Brazil’s post salt environment.

Download: Mapping While Drilling Goes Live (0.31 MB PDF)

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Reveal subsurface beddings and fluids contacts critical for landing, steering, and refining field development plans.
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