Industry Article: Systems View to Drilling Recognizes the Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts

Integrated approach allows Schlumberger to better manage interdependency of discrete technologies, lower overall cost per barrel.

Systems View to Drilling Recognizes the Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 01/30/2015

The Schlumberger Drilling Group is continually working to lower the cost per barrel for our customers by focusing on three areas: improving drilling performance and increasing efficiency; providing a stable and safe wellbore that can be accessed at all times and with intervention as needed; and precise positioning of the wellbore for maximized reservoir contact.

All three are important; however, the area of focus depends on the well. In unconventional resources, efficiency is key. In deep water, providing a high level of well integrity is crucial to ROI. Characterization is essential for all reservoirs—we are a data-driven industry so despite the number and kinds of measurement available today, our customers continue to ask for more data and information to further minimize uncertainty. Today, customers not only want to measure rock and fluid properties in the wellbore, they also want to measure what’s ahead of and around the wellbore while drilling.

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