Industry Article: MWD, RSS Tools Extend Operating Envelope

New service provides operators with a fully integrated HP/HT logging and drilling solution.

MWD, RSS tools extend operating envelope
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 01/01/2015

In 2012 the industry spent an estimated $21 billion for HPHT operations, often in areas where real-time measurements and directional services can determine the difference between success and failure. For the first time, a unique new MWD service and RSS provide operators with a fully integrated HPHT logging and drilling solution.

During 2013, a company in the Gulf of Thailand used the new HPHT MWD tool in 10 wells, encountering a maximum temperature of 193 degC. Every well section was drilled in one run, saving 12 to 24 hours per well compared with previous wells.

An operator in Latin America was developing offshore reservoirs in abrasive rock with circulating temperatures above 150 degC and pressures of more than 15,000 psi. Wells had low ROPs, and downhole tools suffered high failure rates. By deploying the new HPHT RSS, drillers successfully completed two consecutive runs with a single tool in the same hole. The RSS achieved an average ROP 16% faster than the previous record for the field.

Download: MWD, RSS Tools Extend Operating Envelope (0.20 MB PDF)

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