Industry Article: A New Real Time Drilling Intelligence Service That Enables Operators To Mitigate Risks And Optimise Performance

Oilfield Technology
Publication: Oilfield Technology
Publication Date: 02/01/2015

Analysis of worldwide drilling operation failure statistics collated by a major service company in 2012 showed that 38% were associated with stuck pipe, 27% were caused by shock and vibration, and 9% were due to drillstring plugging. Other causes included damage to bits and under-reamers, poor borehole cleaning, and poor or inconsistent drilling performance. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year attempting to resolve these problems. Despite modelling and mitigating drilling risks during planning, operators and service providers face geological uncertainties and unpredictable downhole conditions during operations. How drillers react in the moment has a huge effect on the outcome.

A new real-time drilling intelligence service has been developed to help operators to mitigate risks and optimize performance. It delivers a suite of measurements including forces, pressures, temperatures, rotational speeds, vibrations and information about the dynamic motions taking place downhole. In several case studies the new service has been shown to help drilling teams to proactively protect the BHA and cutting structures, increasing the likelihood of drilling from shoe-to-shoe in a single run.

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