Industry Article: Magnetic Resonance-While Drilling System Improves Understanding of Complex Reservoirs

Magnetic Resonance-While Drilling System Improves Understanding of Complex Reservoirs
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 12/01/2015

Reservoirs containing heterogeneous carbonates and shaly sands create formation evaluation challenges for conventional logging-while-drilling (LWD) measurements. The Schlumberger proVISION Plus magnetic-resonance-while-drilling service offers enhanced evaluation capabilities to provide a more complete, real-time assessment of producibility in complex reservoirs. The service shifts the measurement from wireline to a while-drilling deployment, which reduces rig time and cost and allows the driller to make real-time changes to wellbore trajectory.

This article highlights the design enhancements that enabled the service to be deployed in a high-vibration drilling environment and provide lithology-independent porosity, pore-size distribution, continuous permeability, and direct hydrocarbon detection. Case studies from West Africa and South America illustrate the service’s global reach and how it complements other LWD data to identify bypassed pay zones and accurately determine producibility.

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proVISION Plus magnetic resonance while drilling
The proVISION Plus service maximizes well productivity by providing lithology-independent porosity, irreducible and producible fluid volumes, facies analysis and pore-size distribution, and continuous permeability.
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