Industry Article: Collaborative Well Engineering Delivers Record Horizontal Appraisal in Barents Sea

Collaborative Well Engineering Delivers Record Horizontal Appraisal in Barents Sea
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 04/01/2017

Upfront planning and early collaboration between the operator and a service company, to design solutions for the objectives of the well, are proving beneficial in efficiently and cost-effectively meeting key objectives in the remote, highly-faulted Wisting field of the Arctic frontier.

The collaborative approach, starting with Schlumberger’s early involvement in the planning process, set a new well design standard for developing the field—an example to other operators venturing into this and other complex frontiers. Ultimately, this complex operation was executed by just three key players—the operator, the drilling contractor, and the service provider—in a streamlined process where integrated, unified teams worked together to achieve common, jointly-defined goals. Moreover, the three-party approach simplified the accountability matrix without creating ambiguity and misunderstanding. The integration model driven by the operator and service provider complemented each other’s capabilities, eliminating duplication of effort; compensated for shortages of internal expertise; limited reservoir uncertainties; shortened cycle times; and maximized drilling schedules.

By implementing a broad portfolio of fit-for-purpose tools and technologies, and expertise from multiple disciplines, OMV Norway was able to develop comprehensive workflows and processes, including critical contingency plans, to efficiently, cost-effectively and more safely deliver a first-of-its-kind horizontal appraisal well from start to finish.

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