Industry Article: ATCE’10: Dielectric Scanner Promises More Accurate Reservoir Evaluation and Management

Dielectric Scanner in JPT Online
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 09/01/2010

Schlumberger released the Dielectric Scanner multlifrequency dielectric dispersion service at the 2010 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Florence, Italy. With a precise measurement of water volume and rock texture, the service has enabled operators to enhance hydrocarbon production in carbonate, shaly sand, and heavy oil reservoirs in both exploration and development environments. In Venezuela, the new tool was employed to evaluate hydrocarbon volumes and the reservoir quality potential of a thinly laminated reservoir, recording high-resolution water-filled porosity in the inches-thick sand beds. In a second case study, in Canadian shaly oil sands, water-filled porosity calculated from the scanner was used to accurately determine the weight percent of bitumen in advance of laboratory core analysis, offering critical data to the operator.

Download: Dielectric Scanner in JPT Online (0.41 MB PDF)

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