Industry Article: Scientific Target Selection Optimizes Horizontal Shale Completions

Horizontal shale completions
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 10/01/2012

An operator, concerned that his recently-completed well was under performing, investigated using a wireline-conveyed Production Log Flow Scanner and found that 2 of 11 perforation clusters were contributing 69% of total flow. Investigation of subsequent wells with Sonic Scanner revealed stress anisotropy was affecting the uniformity of perforation performance. By acquiring stress logs and pulsed neutron logs tractored into cased wells, a low-risk method of uniform completion design was developed. Reservoir quality is matched with completion quality to identify optimum targets for perforation clusters. Completion costs were reduced by 50%. One Marcellus operator reported that use of the technique eliminated screenouts that previously cost $300,000 each to mitigate.

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