Industry Article: Radial Probe Samples the Tight Ones

Saturn 3D radial probe
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 12/01/2012

The Schlumberger Saturn 3D radial probe technology extends fluid sampling to previously inaccessible fluids and reservoir environments with a 1,200% increase in flow area over the largest conventional single-probe formation tester. This makes it ideal for tight formations, heavy oil, unconsolidated formations, near-critical fluids, and rugose boreholes. The module features four orthogonally phased, self-sealing, elliptical suction probes in a single expandable-packer element. Surpassing the operating envelope of previous systems, the tester can acquire precise formation-pressure and fluid-mobility measurements to the microdarcy level and sample fluids having mobilities less than 0.01 mD/cP and oil samples have been successfully retrieved from mobilities as low as 0.04 mD/cP. Run in combination with the popular MDT modular formation dynamics tester, the Saturn probe offers the flexibility to pressure-test and sample across the widest spectrum of fluid and formation conditions, accurately and efficiently.

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