Industry Article: New Test Probe Yields Key Reservoir Answers

Saturn 3D Radial Probe
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 08/12/2013

Specifically designed to acquire pressure tests and formation fluid samples from zones previously considered to be untestable, the Saturn 3D radial probe is the latest complementary addition to the Modular Formation Dynamics Tester (MDT) from Schlumberger. The module’s inflatable self-sealing drain assemby conforms to rugose well bores to achieve and maintain a hydraulic seal for the duration of the test. With almost 80 in2 of surface area, the four orthogonally mounted probes cut testing time significantly, even in fluids where mobility approaches 0.01 md/cp. All standard MDT functions are available, including pump-out module, InSitu Fluid Analyzer (IFA) and multiple sample chambers.

In Mexico, an unconsolidated sandstone containing 7.5 API oil was successfully sampled with 12% borehole ovality. In the North Sea, an operator used the IFA to characterize viscous crude on a tight timetable to solve critical flow assurance issues.

Download: New Test Probe Yields Key Reservoir Answers (0.63 MB PDF)

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Fluid Flow and Pressure Data Where Not Previously Possible

Saturn 3D Radial Probe
The self-sealing Saturn 3D radial probe flows fluid circumferentially from the reservoir to extend formation testing to low permeabilities, heavy oil, unconsolidated reservoirs, near-critical fluids, and rugose boreholes.
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Saturn 3D radial probe
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