Industry Article: Through-Bit Logging Pays Dividends

Through-Bit Logging Pays Dividends
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 07/01/2015

One of industry’s greatest challenges in unconventional plays–especially at today’s oil prices–lies in designing completions that increase production significantly while simultaneously controlling costs. A good example would be eliminating stages in intervals with poor reservoir or completion quality.

An increasing number of operators have come to realize that it is no longer wise to forego logging horizontal laterals just because the borehole may be difficult to access. Without comprehensive petrophysical and geomechanical data, it is impossible to engineer completions to ensure optimal perforation placement and efficiency in heterogeneous, anisotropic shale reservoirs.

ThruBit, through-the-bit logging services now offers a full suite of tools designed specifically for challenging boreholes, empowering operators to save time, lower costs, and optimize production.

Download: Through-Bit Logging Pays Dividends (1.64 MB PDF)

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