Industry Article: New Digital Rig Operations Surveillance System Helps Address Operational Challenges

Pipeline Surveillance System
Publication: Pipeline
Publication Date: 12/01/2014

The SENSU rig operations surveillance and instrumentation system brings decision-ready information to drillers’ fingertips and improves well construction efficiency. By reducing non-productive time (NPT) and identifying invisible lost time (ILT), the system lowers the costs of daily operations. Its embedded rig state engine enables automatic and real-time calculation of 18 event metrics, such as back reaming, on slip and off-bottom time, maintenance measurements for critical rig component parts and operations metrics calculating various drilling and tripping KPIs in real time at the rig site.

Saxon Energy Services installed the SENSU system on two of its mature drilling rigs, with the main goal of improving its well construction process and reducing NPT. In a four-month period—which included six rig moves— deployment of the SENSU system on these two rigs logged more than 3,000 consecutive hours. The rig crew reported that the system was easy to install, configure and operate. The rig state engine provided Saxon with the information required to react quickly to events and improve overall performance.

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SENSU System Reduces Cost of Rig Operations

SENSU System Reduces Cost of Rig Operations
Featuring digital instrumentation and an advanced driller’s console, the SENSU system delivers a step change in well construction efficiency.
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