Industry Article: New, Environmentally Friendly Technology

Publication: Other industry publication
Issue: January 2011
Publication Date: 01/01/2011

In the various shale plays throughout the United States, environmental safety is considered one of the driving forces behind the development for new drilling and fracturing fluid formulations for services companies and operators. The M-I SWACO RECLAIM closed-loop technology is a chemically-enhanced solids removal process capable of extracting the majority of fine solids from oil-base or synthetic-base drilling fluids, and recovering base fluid with near-virgin properties. The system is designed to remove the bulk of fine colloidal particles and/or increase the oil-to-water ratio by applying the proprietary flocculants and surfactants to bind together the fine solids in a non-aqueous fluid and then remove them by centrifugation. The RECLAIM system is the only system that can separate an oil-base drilling fluid’s components through mechanical and chemical means.

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