Industry Article: New system provides accurate wellbore pressure control

Publication: E&P
Issue: May 2011
Publication Date: 05/01/2011

The LOW PRESSURE AUTOCHOKE CONSOLE* (LPAC) from M-I SWACO provides accurate control during managed pressure drilling, underbalanced drilling, and other low-surface pressure operations. The system allows operators to directly set and maintain the desired backpressure on the well, and also allows adjustments to be made using a touch-screen human-machine interface (HMI) on either the local console or a standard remote HMI near the drilling. The LPAC and AUTOCHOKE units combine to provide precise, accurate wellbore pressure control. Primary components include the local hydraulic power unit (HPU) console, which provides hydraulic power that drives to AUTOCHOKE units to the required set-point pressures that directly control the backpressure held on the well. The HMI on either the HPU console or the remote version enables operators to control and adjust the set-point pressures on two units and displays other operating parameters.

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