Industry Article: RI-RDF Excels in Horizontal ERD Wells

Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Volume: December
Issue: 2011
Publication Date: 02/13/2012

The successful drilling and completion of two extended-reach horizontal injector wells in the Nikaitchuq Field, offshore the Alaska North Slope, overcame a myriad of technical hurdles, not the least of which were severe frictional forces that conceivably could inhibit or even prevent the drill pipe and lower completion assembly from reaching target depth. The complexity of the completion design in the challenging viscous oil waterflood project made flow back or post-drilling intervention for clean up undesirable. Consequently, facilitating direct injection mandated the development of a specially engineered delayed-breaker system used in conjunction with a unique, reversible invert reservoir drill-in fluid system. The reservoir drill-in fluid delivered low torque and exceptional drilling efficiency while in the 8 ½-in ERD horizontals. The breaker system provided the delay necessary to allow spotting in the open-hole horizontal section prior to installing the liner and lower completion injection control assembly without requiring flow back.

Download: RI-RDF Excels in Horizontal ERD Wells (0.45 MB PDF)

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