Industry Article: HSE-Sound Agent Shows Capacity to Minimize Losses in Hot Wells

HSE-Sound Agent Shows Capacity to Minimize Losses in Hot Wells
Publication: E&P
Volume: 2012
Issue: January
Publication Date: 01/02/2012

Selecting a suitable fluid loss control additive is paramount when engineering the invert emulsion drilling fluids preferred for drilling under extreme temperatures. Most commercially available additives come with some distinctive environmental, technical, and/or economic limitations. Until recently, these constraints further exacerbated the complexities inherent in formulating a drilling fluid to withstand elevated bottomhole temperature, thereby prompting research to develop a single agent that could safely and economically satisfy the fluid loss control requirements of high-temperature (HT) well construction. Investigation has identified naturally occurring quebracho modified with fatty acid-derived amines as the most environmentally and technically viable option for cost-effective fluid loss control in HT wells. Field trials in the North Sea, Egypt, Thailand and elsewhere have verified the capacity of the thermally stable additive to reduce fluid loss appreciably and minimize the risks of formation damage while delivering a comparatively benign environmental profile.

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