Industry Article: Refining the Grip on Nature’s Fine Grains

Complementary tools, approaches enhance tried-and-true sand control methods

Refining the Grip on Nature’s Fine Grains
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 06/01/2012

Drawing on proven methods and technologies, the latest developments in the realm of sand control strategically capitalize on and enhance what is known to work. The challenge to control unconsolidated sand in the reservoir is met with a number of evolving solutions that are producing better, faster, and cheaper results. Mindful of risks and costs, the industry is cautiously approaching sand control, managing complexity while also reducing nonproductive time. A recurring approach within the industry is to evaluate the utilization and application of existing technologies, and then combine them with complementary elements and proven methods to produce even better results. Operators are asking service companies to provide methods that control sand production, while also maximizing productivity and increasing recovery. The need for sand control is apparent worldwide, and it continues to grow as trends point to the development of significant fields.

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