Industry Article: Solutions Advance Both WBMs, OBMs

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Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Volume: November
Issue: 2012
Publication Date: 11/01/2012

Drilling fluid vendors continue the industry’s quest to provide cutting-edge water-base drilling fluids that perform on par with nonaqueous drilling fluids (NADFs, or oil-base muds) to attempt to save operators drilling costs and waste management. In early October, M-I SWACO unveiled the RHADIANT ultra-high temperature, nonaqueous drilling fluid system. The new system eliminates drilling fluid product degradation, thereby providing a thin filter cake for enhanced logging conditions and preventing wellbore control issues—including barite sag. The RHADIANT drilling fluid system remains stable in ultra-high temperature wells with bottom-hole temperatures in excess of 500degF. The low, nonprogressive gel structure, high-temperature/high-pressure filtration control and filter cake quality of the RHADIANT drilling fluid system deliver a wellbore ideally conditioned for openhole logging and prospect evaluation. The system also resists acid gas contamination and maintains stability during prolonging static periods of tripping, logging, and cementing.

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