Industry Article: New Rheology Fluid Simplifies Engineering, Enhances Performance

Publication: E&P
Volume: January
Issue: 2013
Publication Date: 01/01/2013

Proven in deepwater and extended-reach wells, the next generation flat rheology invert drilling fluid simplifies system engineering and maintenance without sacrificing performance. The upgrade is especially beneficial in deep plays where thermal stability and fluid control are essential to avoid complications that substantially raise risks for operators. The RHELIANT PLUS flat rheology invert drilling fluid has performed consistently due to the correct combination of emulsifier, wetting agent, rheology modifiers, and supplementary viscosifiers. The new flat rheology system (NFRS) contains only a single emulsifier for both emulsification and surface wetting. Field trials conducted in extended-reach drilling and deepwater wells confirmed that many operational benefits NFRS. No major lost circulation was encountered due to good hole cleaning and low equivalent circulating density impact in both field trials. This was especially critical for the deepwater field trial where low margin windows were encountered.

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