Industry Article: M-I SWACO Gets SMART on Displacements

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Publication: Offshore Engineer
Volume: April
Issue: 2013
Publication Date: 04/01/2013

In February of 2013 M-I SWACO unveiled its SMART 3D displacement package, which is an integrated and customizable package of mechanical, chemical, and hydraulic displacement services provided by a single company. The SMART 3D package can service all aspects of displacement so that the wellbore is properly prepared for completion or production. The displacement package aims to reduce non-productive time, risk of formation damage, and cross-contamination of drilling fluids and brines, both on- and offshore. All displacements have three core dimensions: fluid hydraulics, mechanical debris removal, and chemical debris removal. Approximately 30% of failed completions result from poor debris management, where fluid or drilling residue remains in the hole after displacement.

Download: M-I SWACO Gets SMART on Displacements (0.20 MB PDF)

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Customized Displacement Service to Prepare Wellbore for Completion and Production

SMART 3D wellbore displacement services
The SMART 3D service provides a single source, integrated package of wellbore cleanup and displacement services that includes the latest generation of chemical, mechanical, and hydraulic technologies.
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