Industry Article: Optimizing Solids Control

Publication: Petroleum Africa
Volume: August / September
Issue: 2013
Publication Date: 08/01/2013

M-I SWACO continues to leverage its expertise in drilling and completion fluids, associated solids control, and waste management. As well construction costs continue to increase, shale shakers are a key component for maintaining optimum fluid properties. In June of 2013 the MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker was introduced. The new dual-deck shale shaker was developed in response to customer demands for a durable, mid-range shaker suitable for a broad range of onshore and offshore applications. The design capitalizes on the technology and recent success of the MD-3 triple-deck shaker. The MD-2 dual-deck shaker also utilizes design elements from the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker, which has had long-term success, particularly in demanding onshore applications. Equipped with the DURAFLO composite screens, the new dual-deck shale shaker can, in many cases, double the handling capacity of a standard single-deck shaker.

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