Industry Article: Fluids Maintain Wellbore Integrity in Technically Challenging Wells

Flat-rheology invert emulsion drilling fluids have made strides in maintaining a fluid that is resistant to sag

Publication: E&P
Volume: 87
Issue: 2
Publication Date: 02/01/2014

When flat-rheology drilling fluids were introduced a decade ago, they brought the promise of reduced drilling equivalent circulating densities (ECDs), break circulation pressures, and surge pressure while tripping and running casing. However, these drilling fluid systems have fallen short of their promises in some cases, raising questions with regard to maintaining the highest level of wellbore integrity when using these drilling fluid systems.

By design, M-I SWACO has approached flat-rheology invert emulsion systems with the intention of keeping organophilic clay in the formulation, which requires manipulation of the normal organophilic clay chemistry. The RHELIANT PLUS flat-rheology drilling fluid system has made strides in improving the balance between maintaining a fluid that is resistant to dynamic or static sag while at the same time reclaiming the original intended benefits of flat-rheology systems.

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