Industry Article: New Instrumented Docking Gun System Maximizes Perforating Performance

Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 09/01/2018

By Carlos Eduardo Guedes and Sharif Aboelnaga, Schlumberger

TrackMaster Select modular whipstock sidetracking system

Over the last decade, perforating reliability has continued to improve as service companies and operators have implemented detailed training programs, procedural checklists, and advanced hardware. However, these reliability improvements have begun to plateau, acting as an impetus to develop new perforating systems that would be more effective than procedural controls in addressing the main causes of perforating misruns: damaged or improper wiring, mechanical seal failures, and initiator malfunctions.

With a focus on resolving these issues, Schlumberger developed the Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system—the industry’s first perforating system that fully integrates a plug-in gun with real-time advanced downhole measurements for monitoring and confirming operations to mitigate risk while increasing safety, reliability, and efficiency. Created for all environments, the system uses modularized initiators combined with RF filtering mechanisms and addressable switches to enhance operational safety.

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