Industry Article: Shining the Light

A compact and energy-efficient pretreatment option for floating LNG projects

Shining the Light
Publication: Other industry publication
Publication Date: 01/01/2015

Floating LNG (FLNG) projects are receiving higher visibility because of the overall cost reduction in LNG production compared with traditional onshore LNG. Pretreatment typically drives 6–20% of the total processing cost, depending on the amount of impurities that need to be removed from the feed gas so that it can be easily liquefied in the liquefaction section. The key is to maintain the performance of the pretreatment under slightly variable inlet gas feed conditions. The lack of a suitable pretreatment leads to processing bottlenecks and potential downtime.

Size and weight are extremely important for any topsides design. Because the FLNG topside can typically weigh up to 40,000 t, any reduction in size and weight can assist in additional production. FLNG requires up to 62 MW of power for the liquefaction section. Adding energy efficiency of even 5% can provide significant savings or additional throughput.

PREMAX FLNG pretreatment solution can reduce size by as much as 30–40%. A complete pretreatment solution with CYNARA acid gas removal membrane systems can potentially reduce the energy requirements in the liquefaction section. Incorporating compact, advanced topside modular units with these technologies will provide a breakthrough for future FLNG projects.

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PREMAX Floating LNG (FLNG) Pretreatment Solution

PREMAX floating LNG (FLNG) pretreatment solution
The compact footprint of the PREMAX solution for removing impurities from feed gas enables greater capacity for LNG production and storage.
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