Industry Article: HPC Provides Real-Time Access to the Reservoir

High-performance computing vastly expands the user's processing capabilities and the speed with which algorithms can be run.

HPC Provides Real-Time Access to the Reservoir
Publication: E&P Show Daily
Publication Date: 10/27/2014

From the oil field to the office, the E&P industry is driven by data. The ability to use the vast quantities of reservoir data to guide decision-making during all phases of field development—from shooting seismic to drilling and completing a well—has traditionally been limited by the computational power that users had at their fingertips.

The majority of petrotechnical computing is still done on laptops or desktop machines, meaning that any computation one runs is constrained by the hardware and processing power of local machines. To provide insight while the drillbit is still in the hole, these constraints meant that users could not wait hours for an algorithm to run. Instead, they had to make approximations and compromise on the quality of the answer provided to the driller, often with less-than-ideal results.

Schlumberger has added capabilities to its petrotechnical software platforms Petrel E&P software platform, Techlog wellbore software platform and Omega geophysics data processing platform to take advantage of the processing speed and accuracy afforded by HPC in the cloud.

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