Industry Article: A New, Fully Integrated Method for Seismic Geohazard Prediction Ahead of the Bit While Drilling

Integrated method for seismic geohazard prediction
Publication: The Leading Edge (TLE)
Publication Date: 10/01/2013

Recent advances in integrated Earth model building technologies, coupled with large increases in computing power, have allowed this type of seismic and while-drilling well data utilization to provide rapid “in time” drilling decision making. Field study results from Gulf of Mexico wells show that the method provides significantly better estimates ahead of the bit compared to predrill predictions.

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Improve Well Placement with Integrated Seismic Data

Seismic guided drilling, the pre-drill and while-drilling update.
Integration of while-drilling well data and surface seismic data provides an updated earth description ahead of the bit and helps to reduce uncertainty in estimating seismic velocity models.
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