Industry Article: Bits Enhance Jonah Drilling Economics

Bits Enhance Jonah Drilling Economics
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 07/01/2012

Occupying 24,000 acres in the south end of the Sublette County, Wyoming, Pinedale Play, the Jonah Field has been characterized as one of the country’s largest tight gas fields. Working with the EnCana, Smith Bits applied the IDEAS integrated drill bit design platform to design new bits customized for the tough, abrasive rock, that had enhanced cutting structures and new-generation ONYX II premium PDC cutters. To verify the performance improvement of the new cutters, a comparison test was run on another Sublette County well using the new cutters and the previous generation cutters mounted on the same type of bit matrix. The bits equipped with the new cutters delivered an average penetration rate of 60.8-ft an hour over 4,775-ft, while the older generation bits averaged 49.1 ft/hr over 3,900-ft. Post-test inspection revealed that the new cutters maintained their sharp edges. Since the benchmark test was conducted, Encana has run ten of the new design MDi616 7 7/8-in bits on Jonah wells. On average, they drilled 17% farther, or an increase of 1,531-ft (467-m).

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