Industry Article: New Bits Speed Drilling in Unconventional Plays

AOGR Bit Roundup 04/13
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 04/01/2013

In an effort to improve the durability of PDC bits, bit manufacturers have long focused their efforts on developing diamond material that stays sharp in harder, abrasive formations and endure high temperatures. Smith Bits has come up with a more effective way to increase durability with the ONYX 360 rotating cutter. Smith Bits has also developed the Stinger conical diamond element, a thick and durable feature that can be placed in the center of the bit to fracture the central part of the hole, and then crush it.

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ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters—Drill Farther

ONYX 360
When compared with fixed-cutter-only bits, PDC bits that included ONYX 360 rolling cutters demonstrated run length increases of up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.
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