Industry Article: Integrating Exploration Tools

Integrating exploration tools
Publication: Offshore Engineer
Publication Date: 09/08/2011

Integrating several imaging and modeling technologies can reduce exploration risk. Schlumberger and IPEX have presented an integrated basin and petroleum system study that predicted many oil and gas accumulations in a relatively unexplored region offshore Brazil, including parts of the Potiguar and CearĂ  basins. In 1999, WesternGeco acquired 14,000 km of 2D multiclient data in the deepest parts of these two offshore basins. The dataset was processed using prestack time migration, producing high-quality results. With seismic processing technologies constantly evolving, the dataset was reprocessed in 2008 using improved noise suppression, better multiple removal, and prestack depth imaging techniques. The multiclient study brought together a diverse set of data into a single, informative picture. Effective integration of the various sources of information was enabled by the Petrel environment and its associated software plug-ins, as well as the knowledge and skills of specialist geoscientists.

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