Industry Article: Represented Reservoirs

Represented Reservoirs
Publication: Oilfield Technology
Publication Date: 01/12/2012

Hydraulic fracturing is an essential step in achieving economical production from most shale gas reservoirs. Hydraulically induced fracture systems in these reservoirs are not well understood and different simulation approaches have been used to model these systems: the single porosity (SP) and the dual porosity (DP) approach. The SP approach treats shale formation and hydraulic fracturing-induced fractures as a single grid system, while the DP approach separates shale formation and fractures into two different grid systems: a matrix system and a fracture system. Dynamic performances from SP systems can be approximated with those from DP systems, and vice versa, meaning the choice of simulation model is not critical. When microseismic data is available, the modeling approach for the microseismic-based fracture network can be used to derive a description of the hydraulically induced fracture system, including volume and distribution.

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