Industry Article: The New Pathways of Multiphase Flow Modeling

The New Pathways of Multiphase Flow Modeling
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 02/02/2015

The PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator from Schlumberger allows the operator to ensure the optimal design and operation of wells and surface networks. For large onshore networks, users may construct a model directly on a GIS map that automatically loads elevation data along pipeline profiles to accurately account for flowline hydraulics.

PIPESIM also allows engineers to compare the wellbore hydraulics of different artificial lift systems and determine the one likely to offer the best performance for a particular well.

In addition many fields require dynamic simulations to ensure correct design and operation, for example, the design and operation of the liquid management of large gas condensate pipe lines. These fields require the use of the OLGA dynamic multiphase simulator from Schlumberger. The OLGA multiphase flow model is the product of over 30 years of continuous industry supported R&D. Recent advancements include the high-definition model for stratified flows, which is particularly critical for modeling long-distance flow lines. This model gives engineers and operators the improved predictions associated with a 3D flow description at 1D simulation times.

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