Industry Article: Jets Promote Single-Trip Fracturing

Publication: E&P
Volume: March
Issue: 2008
Publication Date: 03/01/2008

Perhaps one of the most versatile treatment techniques is elegant in its simplicity. For some time, the industry has needed a hydraulic fracture treatment that can be applied in almost any well: vertical or horizontal, open hole or cased hole, singlestage or multistage. In spite of current high commodity prices, a challenge facing operators is controlling cost when attempting to improve production in existing wells. Not only must they invest in treatments to stimulate their reservoirs, mitigate formation damage and scale buildup, or attempt to suppress water influx, they must also defer production while intervening to improve it. This double-hit on cash flow can be problematic. Accordingly, engineers have been looking for ways to reduce intervention costs while, at the same time, minimize the length of time production must be deferred. Several solutions offer advantages by combining services to reduce the number of trips into the wells to complete the necessary services. Another option is to use coiled tubing (CT) technology. CT offers advantages in fast mobilization, rapid rig-up, and minimal trip time. Most wells do not have to be shut in during the intervention, and the versatile CT units offer a variety of combinable downhole services so some trips can be eliminated. The Schlumberger AbrasiFRAC abrasive perforating and fracturing service is an example of the successful combination of downhole services to save time and reduce costs.

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